Biometric Door Lock installation

Biometric Technology is moving to the next level in ensuring security measures within any sensitive, prioritized environment.
  • Simplifies authentication: The days of remembering long, complicated passwords are officially over. Accessing data is as simple as recognizing your fingerprint, face or voice.
  • Strengthens security: Enjoy some peace of mind. The systems will not store your biometric information on the server. And with a strong authentication system using Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI), there is no risk of biometric information leaking.
  • Offers diverse authenticators: Biometric authentication is just the beginning. It can also work on a range of platforms and environments, such as Mobile OTP or PIN authentication.
  • Streamlines solutions: Now it’s simple and easy to deploy solutions, with standardized development toolkits, APIs, and a web-based admin portal that adds ease and convenience to your operations.

Attendance Login System Biometric & Facial

There are many reasons to choose a biometric attendance system for your business:
  • Improved security : Biometric system attendance recording is reliable and secure. It ensures that only those with approved fingerprints can gain access to restricted areas, reducing security risk.
  • You can also set up a biometric attendance system that restricts access to certain rooms so that workers or students can only gain access to the rooms that they’re supposed to be in.
  • Accurate attendance records: With a biometric school attendance system, students can’t ask their friends to sign in and out on their behalf. In the workplace, staff can’t ask someone else to clock them in a few minutes early. Actual attendance is required, with no easy workaround.

Fleet Management Software Design

Fleet management software provides visibility into vehicles’ location, condition, and fuel consumption and gives insights into drivers’ behavior. ATNCTech also delivers dedicated applications to optimize vehicle maintenance, reduce operational costs, and improve driver safety.

Ticket Management System

One of the most important factors for an efficient ticketing software is its ability to automate different functions and features, so that agents (operators, technicians, engineers) can work as optimally as possible. ATNCTech also provides ticket management software that integrates multiple automatisms that help agents work more efficiently, also reducing the possibility of errors and therefore provide a better service.