Web Development & Design

Whether building a new website or rescuing a failed web project, our website development consulting services provide you with everything needed to make intelligent decisions to help promote your business online.

Software Development

Our Software Development Services are aimed at designing, engineering, supporting, and evolving various software types. Serving mid & large enterprises and software product companies since 2014, ATNCTech develops quality software for retail, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries.

Apps Development

The best designs instill confidencein your product and brand. They inspire users to download, engage, and evangelize. Our digitally native designers create uniquely beautiful and functional work grounded in results-oriented best practices.

Ecommerce system and payment

We have helped online businesses crush their competition through eCommerce web design and eCommerce development services. With a professional team of eCommerce pros, we’ll build you a website that turns visitors into paying customers

Corporate Database Application Design

A well-branded corporate website brings marketing strength to your company.
    • Complete custom design and creativity
    • Password protected content
    • Easy-to-use content management system
    • Mobile and tablet optimized

Survey application Design and Analytical Tool

We make sure that the effort and development stage is as comprehensive as possible.
Survey data analysis is the process of turning the raw material of your survey data into insights and answers you can use to improve things for your business. It’s an essential part of doing survey-based research. ATNCTech offers a huge number of data analysis methods available, from simple cross-tabulation, where data is arranged into rows and columns that make it easier to understand.

E-Learning Portal Development & Design

The goal of eLearning development is creating tools like LMS, LCMS, and LXP to help orgs increase learning efficiency and cut learning costs. Since 2014, ATNCTech has been building eLearning solutions that drive digital transformation of corporate learning resulting in human capital ROI growth.